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  • apache: 证书本体和chain可以分开,所以直接在httpd.conf设置 SSLCertificateChainFile即可。
  • nginx: 证书本体与chain必须合体。根据nginx wiki原话:

    if you have a chain of certificates — by having intermediate certificates between the server certificate and the CA root certificate — they’re not specified separately like you would do for Apache. Instead you’ll need to concatenate all the certificates, starting with the server certificate, and going deeper in the chain running through all the intermediate certificates. This can be done with “cat chain.crt >> mysite.com.crt” on the command line.

  • 又,startssl申请的免费证书的chain通常叫sub.class1.server.ca.pem。如果证书提示不掉chain,twidere即使不勾选强制ssl通信也能读取tweet。

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【系列】VPS搬家记 二日目


  1. 转移数据库
  2. 部署新的wordpress(或者直接copy老的也行)
  3. 向nginx的vhost配置中添加rewrite规则




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【氮腾】Two trivias

This time I have to blog in English since the ibus-daemon has collapsed and i’ve been really lazy to do a “sudo reboot” in the bash……

It is really astonishing that I have finished what I planned to do today, as I have been troubled with procrastination for years(and that’s Y i feel amazing).

I mainly solved two problems (or contributed two improvements). One is the ctags on #Android, the other is adding an extra button to wordpress html editor.

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